June 18, 2024

Have a look at 3 main versions of the Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty is a fantastic game with futuristic features in it. Call of duty is a battle game in which you have t kill your opponents and remain alive till the end of the game to win the game. This game was initially introduced in the gaming consoles, and when the company has seen its popularity among people, it has introduced it in smartphones also. Now, people can enjoy this game anytime and at any place they want. All of us carry our smartphones with us, and we also have an internet connection in it. This is enough to run the game on your device. There are different versions of this game as well, and every version has some unique characteristics.

The difference between every version is based on the number of players who can play in a single match, features, modes, etc. This game is not a small or limited game, it is a limitless game, and the company is still introducing its new versions after a regular period of time. There are some additional benefits also in the game, and you can use them in every version of the game. Warzone cheats and hacks are some of the best benefits of this game, and you can use these cheats and hacks to make your way easy towards killing your opponents. Let’s check out the different versions of this game.

  • Call of Duty 

This is the first part of the game. This part was introduced on the gaming consoles in the year 2003. This version of the game allows only a single player to play the game at a time. You will find a big arena and a map in the game, which is helpful in finding your opponents and killing them. You have to handle every situation on your own, and you will not get any multi-player or group features in the game. The story of the game was based on the times of world war 2, and a soldier is there in the game.

  • Call of Duty 2

This version of call of duty had introduced two years after the version of the game got released. The published and the company which has made the game were the same. The concept of the game is almost similar, but the soldier in the game is different, and there are different missions in the game. Some new features in the game were also introduced, such as regenerating health, and a grenade icon is also developed in the game.

  • Call of Duty 3

In this version of the game, the multi-player concept has been introduced by the company. This version was introduced in the year 2006. There are a total of 14 missions in the game, and the story of the game was the same as that of versions 1 and 2.

Cheats and hacks also a good role in all these versions as these are made after the introduction of the first part of the game, and they get updated at regular intervals. So, you can apply all the cheats and hacks in every version of the game.

To sum up 

Different parts of the call of duty game have been discussed above; go through them.